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how to make lean with Healthy traits of eating a Banana daily

Banana in today’s world can be easily found in anyone’s kitchen. These are very cheap and readily available everywhere. The best part of banana is that this is a non-seasonal fruit, which means we can easily get bananas throughout the year. It is the most versatile fruit and most widely grown fruit throughout the world.

Bananas have many varieties and are also available in many colours, sizes, taste and weight. The most common type of banana is the yellow banana, which is green in colour when it is unripe.

how to make lean

There are many reasons and health benefits to adding Bananas to your daily diet. Following below are the benefits of eating bananas.

  1. Bananas contain the high level of potassium which makes you become smarter and helps in learning by becoming more alert.
  2. Bananas help in building strong bones by increasing calcium absorption.
  3. They help in overcoming depression by converting tryptophan into serotonin which is also called as the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter so its best part of how to make lean fast at home.
  4. Banana is very helpful in for digestion; it removes heavy metals from the body .
  5. Bananas will help the eyes against macular degeneration and also helps in preventing kidney cancer.
  6. These help in relieving the pain from insect bites by rubbing the banana peels over the bitten area.
  7. Eating two bananas before any workout gives a lot of energy and also sustains blood sugar.
  8. Bananas also help in reducing blood pressure, protects against heart attack and stroke.
  9. This is the only fruit which can be eaten in a raw state to relieve from stomach ulcers.
  • Banana also acts as natural mood-enhancer which relieves a person from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Banana also helps in fighting constipation by normalizing the bowel movement.
  • Strengthen the blood by adding iron from eating bananas.
  • Rubbing of banana peel against the leather shoes or handbag with a dry cloth will a give a good shine.

Lastly eating 2 bananas per day will definitely make you stronger than before.

Goodbye! Stay tuned for more healthy topics.