How To Check your Computer’s Game Capabilities

In this article I take to you a topic where you can find out quickly if your computer can run it or not. To give an example, I chose the topic can my computer run a PC game. Let’s get in deep of the matter. The PC games are way difficult at times and it all depends on the range of your PC or laptop to know whether the graphics works on your Pc or not.

You need to first have the trail check on your PC prior spending huge amount on buying the game. It’s common that the Gamers do not think much and they don’t have to upgrade their hardware again and again. The older Pc games can also run now and they automatically handle out the newest games finely and in different manner.

check Game Capabilities

Check your Computer’s Game Capabilities

  • Check the Intel graphics: first thing to hit the minds of the gamer is that he/she should check the Intel graphics on the computer. In case your computer uses the onboard Intel graphics instead of the dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics hardware then you might experience the issues where the computer runs slow and the graphics demands games. The user must know that the Intel graphics hardware runs slow than that of the NVIDIA or the AMD graphics. However, these days the Intel graphics are improved with new has well graphics?


  • Check PC’s manual specifications: the gamer before opting for buying the PC games must also check with the manual specifications of the PC. It’s important to know the hardware of the PC and know about the primary its CU speed, RAM amount, card graphics details and more. The gamer must have detail check on the CPU speed, its GHZ, header in Speccy and also the number of cores. Check the amount of RAM in GB and know about the model number of the computers graphics.


  • Automatic check on comparison of PC’s specifications to a Game: well, this is also very important thing to do to check can my computer do this. This process causes little inconvenience but it is really important step to follow. The system of the PC along with its requirements to get a game must be compared endorsing with many other big companies like the AMD and more. Right before using the website, run the system requirements Lab Detection desktop app. If needed, set a special cookie that will help to identify the hardware in the system and let to install the Java or any other ActiveX applets.


  • Run the tool: once you are done with all the above three steps, them make sure that you run the tool and select the game on PC and allow it to run from the dropdown box and then click on the run button. This is also needed step to follow up to known can my computer runs it. Thus, by following the above all steps you will get a clear idea about your computer. Hope you will enjoy this guide.

Best sites to watch free movies online

All of us are interesting to watch our favorite movies on PC and it seems best when you are having good internet connection for watch free movies online now. Most of the people in online world try to use pirated or something illegal websites for their favorite movies. This is not a good idea at all and best option is to do something legal because there are many resources or websites online which allows the internet users to watch their favorite movies totally free without paying a single penny and also without signing up as well.

So if you are one of those guys who are interested in watching their favorite movies online on websites that provide better experience according to user’s point of view and streaming as well, then you are at right place because today in this article we are going to talk about best sites to watch free movies online.

sites to watch free movies online

Best sites to watch free movies online

I have personally researched online and from different resources I found some best websites that you can use online for yourself to watch favorite movies of your choice easily in 2015. Let’s have a look at these websites and you can bookmark your favorite sites as well from this top collection shared below:

You might be wondering why this website is on the top of this collection list? Well the reason is that the servers of this website seems to be really fast that makes it  easier for the users to stream their favorite movies quickly and it has some best and amazing collection of movies that worth watching. So my first recommendation from this collection is



Vkflix is the new movie streaming website which seems to be much famous among those internet users who loves to watch or streaming their favorite TV shows or movies online totally free. Best features of this website is that it is totally compatible with android and apple devices, user friendly with easier navigation, no sign up process is needed or required and the best part is you can enjoy movies in HD quality as well.

Another user friendly and best website for streaming online movies of from your desired collection. Simple design, user friendly and easier navigation makes this website differs from others in this collection. The movies are updated regularly and you can enjoy them in high quality.


JustMoviez is the largest resource or we can say that it is the biggest hub for those users are interested to watch their favorite movies from latest collection and old collections (90’s movies) as well. Currently it is streaming more than 50,000 movies online and database of this website is updated on regular basis. Without any kind of registration or advertisements you can watch your favorite movies in high quality formats easily in 2015.

Best Movie Streaming Resources in 2015

There are many websites on the internet which allows internet users to watch movies for free but most of those website are filled with advertisements or ask for registration which annoys most of internet users. But the websites which are shared in this collection are mostly ads free without any registration.

So this was best collection of best sites to watch free movies online in 2015. I hope you liked this guide and found it helpful for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section below.