Faster Detection Of Pathogens In Lungs With Novel Test

Faster Detection Of Pathogens In Lungs With Novel Test

A recent study showed that “A new molecular-based method was invented which can detect mcyo-bacterial pathogens, which cause tuberculosis quickly than the presently available techniques that will take several weeks for detection of the disease.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the agent that causes tuberculosis that is the infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs.  It has killed 1.5 million people worldwide in 2014.  The study was done by taking more than 6,800 patient’s samples and by doing examination through molecular-based methods to detect the mycobacterial pathogens.

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A diagnostic algorithm was developed by the researchers to detect mycobacteria directly from the patient sample using genetic analysis.  The examinations carried out on bacteria cultures took several weeks time because many mycobacteria grow at a very slow pace.

Faster Detection Of Pathogens In Lungs With Novel Test

New molecular-based method to detect Tuberculosis in less time

Not just the tests took a long time, but also the appropriate medicine prescribing after the test results are out used to take one to two weeks.  This new research should that using the molecular detection method; patients can know whether they have an infection with tuberculosis pathogens or with nontuberculous mycobacteir in just one to two days time.

This early detection of the disease can help trigger pulmonary infections, lymph node infections and skin diseases in patients with compromised immune systems.  This new molecular-based method is as perfect as culture-based techniques, which used to take the long time to detect the disease.

Not just that this molecular method of detection detects the nontuberculous mycobacteira directly from the patient sample in just a few hours.  The researchers said that suitable therapeutic measures can be initiated much more quickly.

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