How To Check your Computer’s Game Capabilities

In this article I take to you a topic where you can find out quickly if your computer can run it or not. To give an example, I chose the topic can my computer run a PC game. Let’s get in deep of the matter. The PC games are way difficult at times and it all depends on the range of your PC or laptop to know whether the graphics works on your Pc or not.

You need to first have the trail check on your PC prior spending huge amount on buying the game. It’s common that the Gamers do not think much and they don’t have to upgrade their hardware again and again. The older Pc games can also run now and they automatically handle out the newest games finely and in different manner.

check Game Capabilities

Check your Computer’s Game Capabilities

  • Check the Intel graphics: first thing to hit the minds of the gamer is that he/she should check the Intel graphics on the computer. In case your computer uses the onboard Intel graphics instead of the dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics hardware then you might experience the issues where the computer runs slow and the graphics demands games. The user must know that the Intel graphics hardware runs slow than that of the NVIDIA or the AMD graphics. However, these days the Intel graphics are improved with new has well graphics?


  • Check PC’s manual specifications: the gamer before opting for buying the PC games must also check with the manual specifications of the PC. It’s important to know the hardware of the PC and know about the primary its CU speed, RAM amount, card graphics details and more. The gamer must have detail check on the CPU speed, its GHZ, header in Speccy and also the number of cores. Check the amount of RAM in GB and know about the model number of the computers graphics.


  • Automatic check on comparison of PC’s specifications to a Game: well, this is also very important thing to do to check can my computer do this. This process causes little inconvenience but it is really important step to follow. The system of the PC along with its requirements to get a game must be compared endorsing with many other big companies like the AMD and more. Right before using the website, run the system requirements Lab Detection desktop app. If needed, set a special cookie that will help to identify the hardware in the system and let to install the Java or any other ActiveX applets.


  • Run the tool: once you are done with all the above three steps, them make sure that you run the tool and select the game on PC and allow it to run from the dropdown box and then click on the run button. This is also needed step to follow up to known can my computer runs it. Thus, by following the above all steps you will get a clear idea about your computer. Hope you will enjoy this guide.

Best sites to watch free movies online

All of us are interesting to watch our favorite movies on PC and it seems best when you are having good internet connection for watch free movies online now. Most of the people in online world try to use pirated or something illegal websites for their favorite movies. This is not a good idea at all and best option is to do something legal because there are many resources or websites online which allows the internet users to watch their favorite movies totally free without paying a single penny and also without signing up as well.

So if you are one of those guys who are interested in watching their favorite movies online on websites that provide better experience according to user’s point of view and streaming as well, then you are at right place because today in this article we are going to talk about best sites to watch free movies online.

sites to watch free movies online

Best sites to watch free movies online

I have personally researched online and from different resources I found some best websites that you can use online for yourself to watch favorite movies of your choice easily in 2015. Let’s have a look at these websites and you can bookmark your favorite sites as well from this top collection shared below:

You might be wondering why this website is on the top of this collection list? Well the reason is that the servers of this website seems to be really fast that makes it  easier for the users to stream their favorite movies quickly and it has some best and amazing collection of movies that worth watching. So my first recommendation from this collection is



Vkflix is the new movie streaming website which seems to be much famous among those internet users who loves to watch or streaming their favorite TV shows or movies online totally free. Best features of this website is that it is totally compatible with android and apple devices, user friendly with easier navigation, no sign up process is needed or required and the best part is you can enjoy movies in HD quality as well.

Another user friendly and best website for streaming online movies of from your desired collection. Simple design, user friendly and easier navigation makes this website differs from others in this collection. The movies are updated regularly and you can enjoy them in high quality.


JustMoviez is the largest resource or we can say that it is the biggest hub for those users are interested to watch their favorite movies from latest collection and old collections (90’s movies) as well. Currently it is streaming more than 50,000 movies online and database of this website is updated on regular basis. Without any kind of registration or advertisements you can watch your favorite movies in high quality formats easily in 2015.

Best Movie Streaming Resources in 2015

There are many websites on the internet which allows internet users to watch movies for free but most of those website are filled with advertisements or ask for registration which annoys most of internet users. But the websites which are shared in this collection are mostly ads free without any registration.

So this was best collection of best sites to watch free movies online in 2015. I hope you liked this guide and found it helpful for you. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

how to make lean with Healthy traits of eating a Banana daily

Banana in today’s world can be easily found in anyone’s kitchen. These are very cheap and readily available everywhere. The best part of banana is that this is a non-seasonal fruit, which means we can easily get bananas throughout the year. It is the most versatile fruit and most widely grown fruit throughout the world.

Bananas have many varieties and are also available in many colours, sizes, taste and weight. The most common type of banana is the yellow banana, which is green in colour when it is unripe.

how to make lean

There are many reasons and health benefits to adding Bananas to your daily diet. Following below are the benefits of eating bananas.

  1. Bananas contain the high level of potassium which makes you become smarter and helps in learning by becoming more alert.
  2. Bananas help in building strong bones by increasing calcium absorption.
  3. They help in overcoming depression by converting tryptophan into serotonin which is also called as the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter so its best part of how to make lean fast at home.
  4. Banana is very helpful in for digestion; it removes heavy metals from the body .
  5. Bananas will help the eyes against macular degeneration and also helps in preventing kidney cancer.
  6. These help in relieving the pain from insect bites by rubbing the banana peels over the bitten area.
  7. Eating two bananas before any workout gives a lot of energy and also sustains blood sugar.
  8. Bananas also help in reducing blood pressure, protects against heart attack and stroke.
  9. This is the only fruit which can be eaten in a raw state to relieve from stomach ulcers.
  • Banana also acts as natural mood-enhancer which relieves a person from Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Banana also helps in fighting constipation by normalizing the bowel movement.
  • Strengthen the blood by adding iron from eating bananas.
  • Rubbing of banana peel against the leather shoes or handbag with a dry cloth will a give a good shine.

Lastly eating 2 bananas per day will definitely make you stronger than before.

Goodbye! Stay tuned for more healthy topics.

Faster Detection Of Pathogens In Lungs With Novel Test

A recent study showed that “A new molecular-based method was invented which can detect mcyo-bacterial pathogens, which cause tuberculosis quickly than the presently available techniques that will take several weeks for detection of the disease.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the agent that causes tuberculosis that is the infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs.  It has killed 1.5 million people worldwide in 2014.  The study was done by taking more than 6,800 patient’s samples and by doing examination through molecular-based methods to detect the mycobacterial pathogens.

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A diagnostic algorithm was developed by the researchers to detect mycobacteria directly from the patient sample using genetic analysis.  The examinations carried out on bacteria cultures took several weeks time because many mycobacteria grow at a very slow pace.

Faster Detection Of Pathogens In Lungs With Novel Test

New molecular-based method to detect Tuberculosis in less time

Not just the tests took a long time, but also the appropriate medicine prescribing after the test results are out used to take one to two weeks.  This new research should that using the molecular detection method; patients can know whether they have an infection with tuberculosis pathogens or with nontuberculous mycobacteir in just one to two days time.

This early detection of the disease can help trigger pulmonary infections, lymph node infections and skin diseases in patients with compromised immune systems.  This new molecular-based method is as perfect as culture-based techniques, which used to take the long time to detect the disease.

Not just that this molecular method of detection detects the nontuberculous mycobacteira directly from the patient sample in just a few hours.  The researchers said that suitable therapeutic measures can be initiated much more quickly.

‘Stop demonising butter,’ say researchers

Butter has been mistakenly ‘demonised’ as harmful,” reports the Daily Express following the publication of a study that found eating butter did not amplify the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Researchers analysed the conclusion from nine studies published since 2005 concerning more than 600,000 participants from 15 countries, counting the UK.

They found eating 14g a day of butter is about a tablespoon had small to no result on overall risk of death, heart disease, and stroke. Butter even seemed to defend, slightly, against diabetes.  The studies involved were all cohorts, which do not show whether any other factors might be at play.

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'Stop demonising butter,' say researchers
‘Stop demonising butter,’ say researchers

Butter Better for us than first thought

Maintaining a healthy weight and having a balanced diet with normal exercise is the finest way to decrease your danger of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The study was carried out by researchers from Tufts University and Stanford School of Medicine, together in the US, and the University of Sydney in Australia. Funding was offered by a grant for Circulating Dietary and Metabolic Fatty Acids, Major CVD Outcomes and Healthy Aging.

This systematic review and meta-analysis aimed to drag jointly information on the long-term organization of butter use with main health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and death. A systematic review is the finest method of gathering the accessible proof on a topic. However, they can be restricted by the excellence of the studies integrated. All of the studies included here were observational, and might be of changeable methods, outcomes, and quality.

Butter Probably Isn’t Going To Kill You, Study Says

Butter utilization was not significantly linked with risk of cardiovascular disease (based on four studies), heart disease (three studies), and stroke (three studies) did not appear to rise.

Butter appeared to have a defensive effect against type 2 diabetes (four studies), with a 4% reduce in risk with every 14g serving (RR 0.96, 95% CI 0.93 to 0.99).

There was no proof to propose bias as a consequence of differences in the method the results were together in each study, known as heterogeneity. The researchers finished: “This systematic review and meta-analysis suggest moderately small or neutral overall associations of butter with mortality, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes

Researchers developed a new game to help you lose weight!

Researchers have developed a computer game and Smartphone app to assist people control harmful eating practices and finally lose weight.  The game is designed to get better a person’s “inhibitory control,” the fraction of the brain that ends you from giving into unhealthy cravings, even when the smell of French fries is almost begging you to step inside a fast food joint.

They also developed a mobile app that cleverly notices patterns in a person’s eating habits. When users are probably to slip from their dietary plans, the app provides tailored plans to put them back on track.

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Researchers developed a new game to help you lose weight!
Researchers developed a new game to help you lose weight!

Diet Dash game uses brain training to aid you to lose weight

The learning found that both types of training were successful in reducing snack food eating.  The game – Diet Dash is primary needs contributors to reveal the types of sugary foods they eat most commonly.  They will then be allocated to one of four versions of a game that is modified to their diet. For instance, if someone lists soda and chocolate chip cookies as their preferred treats, those items will emerge in the game, researchers said.  Players are instructed to press definite keys to respond to dissimilar types of images, including pictures of tasty sugary foods and pictures of healthy foods, they said.

Oppose fast food craving by installing an app

As the player’s inhibitory control gets better, the game speed raises for an additional challenge. Users are instructed to play this game for eight minutes per day, each day for six weeks, researchers said.  “The study is actually the first to effort to train people for weeks in a row.

We think this can interpret to real-world behaviors because just like any assignment, it improves with practice,” said Forman.  Researchers’ second plan is a weight loss app called DietAlert. Used in conjunction with the Weight Watchers app, the Smartphone application gathers information about users’ eating habits and uses a mathematical algorithm to decide when they are most probable to slip from their diet plans.


According to the study by the Scientists including one Indian, in the United States, one in every nine men and one in every 30 women risks the sudden cardiac death mostly before the age of 70 years.

The high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors were associated with high lifetime risk of sudden cardiac death in Americans.


Donald Lloyd-Jones from the Northwestern University US said,” We often screen for conditions that are less common and much less deadly than sudden cardiac death. The lifetime risk of sudden cardiac death for men is one in nine and yet we are not really screening for it.”

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Each year in America, the sudden cardiac death claims up to 450,000 Americans lives as per the study. The researchers calculate the overall cumulative lifetime risk factor focusing on 4 major risk factors, blood pressure, total cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes.

They also studied that the sudden death occurred in 375 people and in comparison to women, the risk is more in men with an overall 10.9 percent lifetime risk among men at age 45 and 2.8 percent lifetime risk in women at age 45. Over one in eight men facing with two or more major factors has more lifetime risks of sudden cardiac death.

Long term endurance training does not cause any cardiac arrest in athletes. Donald Lloyd-Jones said,” sudden cardiac death has been very hard to study because most patients had no history of heart problems and were not being monitored at the time of their death and the majority of all cases occur before age 70, this is obviously sudden and devastating for families with a burden that can be quite severe.” Hence, it is advisable to stay healthy ,stay fit and stay happy.

Scientists Find Supplement to Curb Craving for High-Calorie Foods

Scientists in the UK have found a new supplement that will curb the cravings for high-calorie foods.   The researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow changed inulin in such a way that it now contains propionate, to produce a new component called inulin-propionate ester.

This compound will trigger gut bacteria to produce more propionate up to 2.5 times.  They conducted a test on 20 volunteers, in which they gave milkshake for 10 people with inulin in it and for other 10 people they gave 10 grams of an inulin-propionate ester.  They then showed pictures of different kinds of foods that included both high-calorie ones and low-calorie ones.

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Scientists Find Supplement to Curb Craving for High-Calorie Foods
Scientists Find Supplement to Curb Craving for High-Calorie Foods

All this was done while keeping the volunteers under MRI scanner.   The researchers noticed that the brains of people under observation are in a motivation to want the food.

The researchers found that when shown high-calorie foods, those who had the milkshake with inulin-propionate ester showed less activity in the reward regions of their brain compared to the ones who took regular inulin.

New supplement by UK Researchers will now reduce cravings for unhealthy foods

When asked the volunteers, they said that the high-calories foods were less appealing for them, which ultimately shows that they have fewer cravings for high calorie and unhealthy foods on taking inulin-propionate ester with their shake.

Researchers also went a step ahead and asked the volunteers to eat as much pasta with tomato sauce as they want after having their shake.

Those who drank the supplement ate 10 percent less than the others.  As per the previous study was done, it is said that those who took the supplement are less likely to gain weight than others.

The reason behind this is addressed as the gut bacteria in some people are able to produce more propionate and so they are able to put their weight down.

10 Best Home Remedies

Ramadan has been culminated on 5th July this year for all 1.6 billion Muslims across the world marking the commencement of Eid al-Fitr. It is now the time for a celebration of Eid all over the world and the date for Eid al-Fitr has been announced officially. In a literal, this is remarked as a ‘festival of breaking the fast’ and marks the culmination of the fasting of all the Muslims and the holy month of Ramzan.

Eid-al-Fitr will be cheerfully celebrated by all the Muslims all over the world on 7th July 2016 and it is declared as a religious holiday that commonly endures for a few days.

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best remedies

The celebrations of Eid-al-Fitrconsist of a variety of customs and traditions that usually includes a gathering of family and friends to eat and offer prayers to Allah together.Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated across the world including various countries and states. Some other states like Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir will be celebrating this Eid-al-Fitr festival today i.e., on Wednesday.

10 Best Home Remedies

lets no best remedy In the states of Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir, Eid-al-Fit will is celebrated today i.e., on 6th July 2016 on Wednesday.

It has been made an official announcement by Grand Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir, Mufti Bashiruddin Ahmad on 5th July i.e., on Tuesday that Eid-al-Fitr would be celebrated by all the Muslims in the state of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesdaysubsequentto the news of spotting of the crescent moon. Likewise, in the state of Kerala as well, Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated today by culminating their fasting that continued for a month.

Follow some cool remedies

On the eve of Eid-al-Fitr, the government in all the states have declared an official holiday for all the organizations, schools, workplaces and much more.

Earlier, the Centre has made an announcement that all the offices in the national capital, Delhi will remain closed on Thursday on the eve of Eid. The CM of Telangana, KCR also declared a two-day holiday for all the schools, colleges, and government and private institutes for celebrating Eid-al-Fitr on this remarkable eve.